Out on the seas

  • 9th
  • April
  • 2014

It’s stupid to care.

  • 18th
  • October
  • 2013

Tonight the world seems a little empty without you my friend.

Until we meet again, sleep well and watch over your babies from above.


  • 4th
  • October
  • 2013

brenzigstuff asked: I just spent way too much looking at all of your posts. Ever coming back to Florida?

Yes! I am coming to visit soon, there is a possibility that one day I will be back. I miss the ocean.
I better see your face!

  • 30th
  • September
  • 2013

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I just want to sleep. That is what I want.

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  • 29th
  • September
  • 2013

Honey you’re smooth

It’s weird to watch someone fall in and out of love.

It’s weird to be watching like a spectator looking through a window.

It’s weird to discover your own flaws while you’re rejoicing for someone else.

It’s weird to feel all alone even though I am surrounded by people that love me.

It’s weird to be constantly on edge when it comes to commitment.

It’s weird to be me.

  • 23rd
  • July
  • 2013
Oh glob

Oh glob

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